Some Serious New Orleans Bounce Here

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New Orleans Bounce Party Gone Wild

  • LCE040490

    These women are a disgrace to Rose Parks and Harriet Tubman. They did not
    fight for our rights just to let these women shake their butts and disgrace

  • darnell Bennett

    What’s wrong with black female wearing there natural hair an natural eyes?
    In the 50s an 60s black was beautiful, other races spends billions, on butt
    injections, lip injections, tanning etc. Why are black woman ashamed having
    natural hair an natural eyes. The black women are now injecting there
    lips,butts, breast etc just because society says the more ass an Brest you
    show the further more you will get attention. This is why you see the mom
    next to the daughter an the brother next to the sister twerking 

  • darnell Bennett

    Females in other races act like this dnt justify females acting like this.
    So if other females in other races jump off bridge do that mean every other
    race going to follow suit. Its a shame because the female that respects her
    mind an body is getting over looked. Its tells society that if you dnt wear
    next to nothing an straighten your hair or wear color contacts then then
    your ugly.

  • Dennis Trustfull

    stop that shit..i think the sexuality of the black female is shown here.

  • darnell Bennett

    You call this real hip hop. I call it pole dancing.I guess walking around
    with bikinis on wasn’t enough now its twerking with bikinis on. I bet none
    of them are married an dnt plan on getting married. I dnt know what era was
    worst the crack era or the internet era. Crack turned prom king an queen
    into prom feans. Internet gives the fool’s 15 min of shame smh

  • N’Gai Johnson


  • Dennis Trustfull


  • Nyago Wani

    this whole video is disgrace…

  • Destinee Washington

    well you must like what you see cause you clicked on duhh no one forced
    your damn fingers…and anyway that’s not even twerking ….and some of
    they act like they ain’t know what they was doing 

  • Tanya Classen

    they are twerking in his memory?

  • Nakahla Martin

    These people were getting down but always when having a good time there’s
    always violence

  • Christina Taylor

    I am here to say this; I don’t understand this cultural fascination with
    bootys and twerking and whatever. Growing up in the 80″s, we were trying
    to be skinny as hell, I took two aerobics classes (2 hrs. a day) to be
    skinny, skinny. I’m kinda chunky now, and I wish I could embrace and be
    proud of my body now (it’s still pretty nice) instead of being in a time
    warp. These girls are beautiful and self-confident- good for them!

  • 713acrich


  • MrBigkel15

    Hoes will be hoes…gotta luv it!

  • darnell Bennett

    I bet each an every girl on here had a dude that tried to fuck her ,her
    sister,her mother, the auntie an cousin. I guess this is the new black

  • Maleek Bey

    I just don’t like the fact they got kids out there watching this

  • m white

    ohhhh my knees would have been ashy !!

  • messy b

    rachette-ness at it finest

  • Highlyfe420allday

    It’s funny how people always say Black Folks can’t come together with out
    shootin and fighting, but when we do like they kickin it hear folks wanna
    hate on the females and talk shit!!! So from all of us in and from the Boot
    Fuck You Haters!!!!!!Ya Digg!!!!

  • mksjmh3882

    EXPRESS YASELF!! RELEASE N GO!!! Love it.. Better get some cardboard out
    there don’t need these sexy ladies scraping up they’re knees

  • kingggb007

    The song at 2:10?

  • Yungin KON

    was dis in NOLA

  • shynefodayz

    Here’s the question. Why four seasons? Did the big wigs of youtube have
    to greenlight this project on a yearly basis? Signing on for seasons n’

  • Tyra Jackson

    They turn up

  • bcaples93

    There’s nothing wrong with what they are doing its part of their culture so
    stop judging them let them enjoy life their way!!!! 

  • tuneee James

    fuck that boy he gay

  • Erika Goodwin

    always hating every1 dances in some form or fashion get a life

  • Chevzis Wallace

    Real tho


    Them hoes was rolling